The Art of Thanking Donors in the Digital World

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Donors are essential for any nonprofit and charity. They generously provide the funds that are essential for these organizations to benefit their communities. Of course, nonprofits and charities need to retain their donors’ interest and good will to keep accomplishing that good. One of the simplest and most effective ways to do this is thanking donors. We’ll explain why that acknowledgement is now only more critical in our digital world and how you can effectively thank your generous donors.

Digitally Thanking Donors for Retention

The digital age has provided countless conveniences. For nonprofits and charities that has included both the ability to reach potential donors and fundraise around the world. However, those conveniences have also led to an inundation of information and content that users see. That can create a fog that has smaller nonprofits slipping under the radar. This is especially clear when we consider retention rates have hovered at 40% in 2020 and have been steadily decreasing these past 6 years. As a result, effective retention strategies are paramount. They create strong connections that ensure donors return to support the next effort. Thus, an impactful thank-you is an essential strategy for digital fundraising.

Thanking donors digitally builds upon older strategies but will take some other considerations as well. You won’t be able to make eye contact and personally thank donors at an event. However, with the right strategies you can still create impactful and heartfelt gratitude that resonates with your donors.

The Digital Thank You Message

Charities and nonprofits were already thanking donors at a distance via letters and phone calls. Today, there are numerous other digital methods to contact and communicate with your donors.

The Thank You Message

Email and social media are great for informing donors about current fundraising efforts or a future event. They’re also excellent for sending thank you messages or posts acknowledging how your donors were critical to its success. Don’t just send/post a simple, broad thank you. Provide details that make it specific and sincere. Mention how much was raised, how many donations were received, or how many people attended the event. You can also explain how those funds will be used and the good they will accomplish. Be sure to also shout out specific volunteers or other key contributors from your community while thanking donors.

Personalizing Your Digital Thanks Yous

Using the capabilities of digital technologies you can make your thank you message even more impactful through personalization. For emails, this will include using your email marketing system to include personalization. These can identify the donor by name, recall how much they donated, or what event they attended. All those personal touches along with a heartfelt thank you will establish a powerful connection.

For social media, you can set up a hashtag for the event or effort to keep track of posts. Then thank people with a quick direct message or comment. It might seem simple but a thank you is a simple gesture. That doesn’t make them any less powerful. You can also personalize your thank-you posts by leveraging a video on those platforms. For example, a video of your team members thanking donors shows the sincere faces behind your organization for donors to connect with.

It Doesn’t End with a Thank You

Thanking donors with those personalized and heartfelt digital thank you messages are just as important for donor retention as in-person and physical ones, if not more so. They don’t mark the end of your relationship with a donor. Instead, they help your nonprofit or charity stand out in their mind. The thank you keeps that door open and the connection alive. If you’re looking to help master the art of the digital thank you or other donor retention strategies, contact Rosewood Fundraising.

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