Leverage Influencer Marketing for Your Online Fundraising Efforts

Influencer marketing with an influencer making a heart with her hands for a nonprofit's fundraising efforts.

Influencer marketing is often considered an effective strategy for business marketing, but it’s also great for digital fundraising efforts. Influencers have a devoted following and community that trusts their recommendations and whom they can motivate to charitable actions. At least 61% of people trust influencer’s recommendations and that trust extends to choosing which nonprofits to support. We’ll explain how you can leverage the power of influencer marketing for your online fundraising efforts along with some key strategies.

The Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Fundraising

There are numerous benefits to leveraging influencer marketing for your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts. First, influencer marketing is natural for fundraising. Nearly one in three influencers support a charity or nonprofit, with some even specializing in philanthropic efforts. Another benefit already mentioned is the incredible trust and action they can motivate in their followings. This means influencer promotions are extremely effective for getting donations. Another benefit is that it helps your nonprofit considerably grow its reach. Some influencers have incredibly large followings. Furthermore, while micro- and mini- influencers might have smaller followings, they boast higher engagement rates that naturally generate more donations. 

Influencer Relationships Create a Fundraising Community

The most effective influencer marketing for any organization stems from a long-term association. This will be the result of repeated fundraising efforts with the same influencer(s) over a year and more. That relationship will create connections between their community and yours. Influencer followings are built over a long period of time and consist of an engaged and dedicated community. If an influencer is long associated with your nonprofit, that community will attach to yours and similarly dedicate itself to your nonprofit. This means your nonprofit’s reach and audience will grow substantially. Furthermore, that following will not merely consist of one-time donors from a single fundraising campaign, but rather they will be devoted and repeating supporters of your charitable cause.

Finding the Right Influencer for Your Nonprofit

A key part of influencer marketing is finding the right one for your nonprofit. There are a few things to consider. One of the simplest is location. If your nonprofit is community focused, you will want to find an influencer with connections or who is also a member of that community for that resonance. Another aspect to consider when searching for an influencer is their size. A huge following will provide potentially huge reach for your fundraising efforts but can also come with a high cost. Smaller influencers can cost less for their marketing while still providing impressive engagement. While you could hire any influencer with a substantial following, you will also want to find an influencer whose values and community align with the mission and vision of your organization. This will require some research and perusing influencers’ content to determine the perfect fit for your fundraising efforts. 

How to Approach and Hire an Influencer

After you have found potential influencers for a fundraising effort, you will need to approach them. You can first begin to build a relationship by having your nonprofit engage with their content to capture their attention. Once you are ready to approach them with an opportunity, contact them with their preferred channel, typically email or directly messaging on social media. Be clear about the kind of promotion you’re hoping for, the goal and aims of the fundraising effort, and why you believe they are perfect to promote your nonprofit’s cause. If the influencer is interested, they will begin a dialog about strategies and an agreement of compensation. Some influencers, if they truly believe in your cause, may reduce their fees or completely waive them, but don’t expect this; they’re still professionals. Maintain a dialog through the promotion and be sure to listen to their input and feedback. Influencers are experts in their community and will know how to most effectively support your fundraising efforts there.

Influencer Fundraising Strategies

There are various kinds of influencer marketing strategies that you can leverage for your fundraising efforts. Here a few of the standards:

  • One-time promotion – The influencer promotes your nonprofit or a particular fundraising effort in one piece of content.
  • Content integration – Your nonprofit’s fundraising becomes part of an influencer’s content. A common integration is for live streamers to run a stream with milestones to promote donations to a certain nonprofit.
  • Collaborative Fundraiser – an influencer works with the nonprofit to create and promote a specific fundraising effort. These are often especially relevant to the influencer’s own community.
  • Long-term cooperation (ambassadorship) – This is a prolonged relationship where an influencer continues to occasionally promote your fundraising efforts potentially through the other strategies above.

Community Brings Influencers and Nonprofits Together

Influencers and nonprofits are a natural fit because they both have community at their basis. An influencer naturally understands why a nonprofit or charity would want to grow its reach for noble fundraising efforts that support their community. If you’re ready to start leveraging influencer marketing in your digital fundraising, contact the experts at Rosewood Fundraising, who can help you find the right influencer and strategies. 

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