Optimizing Giving Tuesday Donations: Conversion-centric Website Design Tactics

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Black Friday has become a big day for businesses in Toronto and Ontario. Just on the other side of the weekend, nonprofits and charities have earned their own important day for collecting donations: Giving Tuesday. As people are searching for great causes on this day, you want to be ready for their generosity with a website designed for conversion. We’ll provide some of the most essential conversion-centric website design tactics and strategies to optimize for Giving Tuesday.

Clear Donate Button

One of the most effective and simple strategies to optimize for conversions is a clear and visually prominent donate button. This will make it easy for anyone to immediately access the donation page. The button should have a clear call to action such as “Donate” or “Donate Now”. The button’s colour should contrast with the rest of the page so that it stands out. Place one on the top menu, so that every page has a clear donate button. Any other page where you plan to include the button should be placed above the fold (i.e. before someone needs to scroll).

Short and Simple Donation Process

Once prospective donors arrive at your donation page for Giving Tuesday, you’ll want to ensure they meet a short and simple donation process. If they find a complex process or confusing form, it could lead to frustration instead of a successful conversion. Provide the donation form before the fold and make its instructions and the entry fields clear. Collect only the necessary information, and the form itself should be simple and clear. Provide donation buttons with the most common amounts along with a custom option. These allow donors to quickly choose their donation amount and proceed to providing only the essential information for a quick and seamless donation.

Strong Visuals

We all know a picture is “worth a thousand words.” More importantly, the right picture can communicate your nonprofit’s mission and goals instantaneously. Conversion is a game of grabbing attention quickly and keeping it. The initial copy should be concise and direct. Supplement that written information with videos and images to quickly tell your nonprofit’s full story. Strong visuals on your website effectively show any prospective donors exactly what your nonprofit accomplishes with their donations. This is essential to motivating them to convert and press that donate button.

Goals, Statistics, and Accomplishments

Donors want to know where their donation will go. They also want to be certain they are contributing to an effective cause. Provide clear vision and goal statements so donors understand the cause they will support. Provide a graphic with prominent numeric statistics and other summaries of your nonprofit’s accomplishments. This way donors understand how you are a beneficial cause for your community. Also include a call to action that reminds donors to contribute to this vision and help make your accomplishments grow. This will help convert them into active contributors to your nonprofit.


Some people will want more information before they donate. Facilitate their research with a page that provides more history or records about your nonprofit. This can also include documents or studies about the cause or benefit your nonprofit provides. You could even provide a regular blog with updates about your nonprofit or its community. You may also list other organizations your nonprofit collaborates with. Dedicated resources pages help keep the information from cluttering your website’s other pages while still making it immediately accessible to those who need it to convert for donations.

A Giving Tuesday Landing Page

Lastly, a key conversion optimization for Giving Tuesday is a dedicated landing page. This is a specific page where users arrive if they convert on an ad or social media post about Giving Tuesday. This page should make it easy for them to donate and provide a brief overview of your nonprofit. It can feature other tactics and strategies we’ve already mentioned like a donate button, simple donation form, and clear visuals with effective copy. You can also add a sense of urgency, by reminding them that “this is the day to give.” Dedicated landing pages are also great for other holidays, events, or communications.

Making it Easy to Give on Tuesday and the Rest of the Week

These web design strategies will help you optimize your website for conversions this Giving Tuesday. Remember, those visiting your site are already interested in donating. These tactics keep that interest kindled. Along with additional donations, there’s another benefit for these design strategies. Designing for effective conversions on Giving Tuesday means you’ll also have an optimized website for the rest of the year. If you want more ways to improve your website’s design for conversions, or help redesigning your website so it’s ready for the next Giving Tuesday, contact Rosewood Fundraising.

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