Everything You Need to Know About Fundraising with Catch the Ace

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Many people believe that in order to raise money for their organization, they need to invest a huge amount of money to begin with. Catch the Ace is an online charity raffle that offers a fantastic return on investment (ROI) without forcing you to spend a fortune to start your fundraising efforts. Let’s take a look at what you should know about fundraising with Catch the Ace.

What is Catch the Ace?

Catch the Ace, which may also be called Chase the Ace, is a progressive weekly raffle. Participants purchase tickets for the chance to win either that week’s jackpot or possibly the progressive jackpot. The aim is to find the Ace of Spades, which participants try to do by choosing a card from a standard deck of 52 cards. This is a type of online charitable gaming-based fundraiser which helps to raise money for your cause. Your game can run for up to 52 weeks or until the Ace of Spades is found.

Each week a random winner will be selected, and they get a percentage of your ticket sales for the week. The card they picked is also revealed at this time, and this card is removed from the deck for future weeks. The progressive jackpot will roll over so that it keeps growing each week. When the Ace of Spades is found, the winner wins the weekly prize AND the progressive jackpot prize. 

The longer the draw goes = the bigger the prize and the better the odds!

The Benefits of Using Catch the Ace for Fundraising

No Limit to the Number of Entries

There are no limits to the number of times someone can enter and donate to your charity. The pricing model is set in a way that encourages more ticket sales.. When someone purchases multiple tickets, they’ll naturally find their luck increases.

Two Chances to Win for Each Player

Each player will receive two chances to win. They could win the weekly jackpot or the progressive jackpot, which builds up week after week.

The Jackpot Increases Each Week

Each week, the progressive jackpot for the game increases until someone finds the Ace of Spades. While it’s impossible to predict an average number of weeks, some jackpots can build into the millions for some nonprofits.

The Prize Money is Fairly Split to Help Your Organization

One thing that makes Catch the Ace so unique for fundraising is how the ticket sales are split. 20% of the week’s sales will go to the weekly winner, 30% to the progressive jackpot, and 50% to the nonprofit.

The Rules And Regulations Surrounding Catch the Ace

As Catch the Ace is classified as charitable gaming, you need to be aware of the rules surrounding this game. In both the USA and Canada, the game is regulated. You will need a state or provincial license to run the game. This license lasts for up to one year, but the rules will vary throughout the country. In the US, you can find out more through the state’s Attorney General’s office, whereas in Canada, you can visit the Alcohol and Gaming Commission’s website for your province. For Ontario you can visit the AGCO’s website.

Catch the Ace is a very cost-effective way to raise money for your nonprofit. You will need to pay the licensing fee, and you may want to run ads for your raffle on social media and websites. While there might also be some software and payment processing costs, these are minimal when you compare them to other fundraising efforts you may have used in the past.

If you are interested Catch the Ace to raise funds for your nonprofit, schedule a call with the Rosewood team today for more information. Rosewood is a Licensed Gaming-Related Supplier with the AGCO. 

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