The Art of Thanking Donors in the Digital World

Glowing pink hearts floating in the air.

Donors are essential for any nonprofit and charity. They generously provide the funds that are essential for these organizations to benefit their communities. Of course, nonprofits and charities need to retain their donors’ interest and good will to keep accomplishing that good. One of the simplest and most effective ways to do this is thanking […]

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: Empowering Supporters to Champion Your Cause

Open hands gathered together as a visual metaphor for peer-to-peer fundraising

Your community and donors are one of your most important resources as a nonprofit and charity. That’s not just because they directly contribute to your cause. You can also empower them to fundraise for you and grow your donor community. In this article we explain the benefits of peer-to-peer fundraising, and some of the strategies […]

Effective Strategies for Overcoming Donor Fatigue in Online Fundraising

Woman without donor fatigue holding a credit card while using her laptop to make a donation online

Donor fatigue is one of the most notorious hurdles facing nonprofits and charities. What is donor fatigue? It’s when those who previously actively contributed seem to suddenly stop offering donations to your cause. These are also often called lapsed donors. As a result, donor fatigue directly cuts into a nonprofit’s earnings and reduces their potential […]

Leverage Influencer Marketing for Your Online Fundraising Efforts

Influencer marketing with an influencer making a heart with her hands for a nonprofit's fundraising efforts.

Influencer marketing is often considered an effective strategy for business marketing, but it’s also great for digital fundraising efforts. Influencers have a devoted following and community that trusts their recommendations and whom they can motivate to charitable actions. At least 61% of people trust influencer’s recommendations and that trust extends to choosing which nonprofits to support. We’ll explain […]

Storytelling for Nonprofits: Compelling Narratives to Drive Donor Action

Group of people working on their nonprofit's compelling story

People like stories, but they love compelling ones. Good storytelling appeals to emotions and interests. It captivates and motivates, and for nonprofits, those compelling narratives drive donor action. As a result, storytelling is a crucial part of any nonprofit’s digital strategy. We’ll explain how digital storytelling is important for your nonprofit and some key strategies to […]

How to Build and Maintain Donor Trust in the Digital Age

A retained donor smiling at her computer

The digital age has made communication and the creation of content a lot easier. However, it has also introduced a lot of digital noise and made it easier for some to deceive. That in turn has led to a general air of skepticism in the digital age, but that trust is essential for nonprofits to […]