Creating Powerful Call to Action Statements for Your Digital Fundraising Initiatives

A button with "Donate Now" for a fundraising initiative, an example of one of the many powerful calls to action in fundraising.

With digital fundraising, you can leverage your website, email newsletter, and social media to reach potential donors and motivate them to donate. The key to generating that motivation are powerful call to action statements. We’ll explain how to create powerful calls to action (CTAs) for all of your fundraising initiatives.

What are Calls to Action? Which are powerful?

Today, most are familiar with call to actions because they are everywhere. These are the simple commands that tell your audience what action they should take. Depending on the content or context, they might tell your audience to read more, visit a certain page, or just donate. They can be buttons with a command on your website pages and emails or hyperlinked text in an email, blog, or caption. Ultimately, their job is to tell someone what to do with the information you have given them. For nonprofits, this tends to be to donate or how they can contribute to a fundraising initiative or effort.

Creating Powerful Calls to Action

Including any kind of call to action is beneficial, but certain strategies will make them more effective for fundraising. The most powerful call-to-actions are simple to understand. They are concise and have one verb (action word) that simply directs your audience. That action word is the heart of the call to action. In fact, some of the most effective CTAs are just one or two words, e.g. “Donate” or “Donate Now.” 

Powerful call to action statements that generate the most  for digital fundraising are also visually clear. In websites and emails that means the CTA is placed on a prominent button with a high colour contrast. On social media, the call to action can be inside your content, but your audience won’t be able to click (unless it is a story with a link button). On some platforms, you can also include a link with a call to action in the caption. Others, like Instagram, should direct your audience to the link in your bio.

Other Key Strategies for Power Calls to Action

Being concise and visually clear are essential strategies for an effective call to action. However, there are some other key strategies that will ensure they are powerful and for a nonprofit’s fundraising initiatives.

  • Establish Urgency – Call to actions are about motivating and mobilizing someone to donate. Urgency will help ensure they complete the action immediately rather than putting it off and never doing it. The lead up to the CTA can also help create a sense of importance and urgency about the issue your nonprofit is addressing. The call to action itself can then be made urgent with words like “Now” or “Today”.
  • Appeal to Emotion – Along with urgency, you can appeal to other emotions to create powerful call to action statements. These might appeal to the reader’s compassion, concern, or general good will. These play on how your nonprofit benefits a community or certain members. Identify the social good you provide and how this call to action will help further those noble goals. Just like establishing urgency, the lead up or caption with a call to action can create a powerful appeal to emotion that the CTA then mobilizes. Some great action words that build on this appeal are “Help,” “Save,” “Support”, and even “Fight”.
  • Provide Directions – Sometimes you may want your audience or prospective donors to complete a more complex task. If that’s the case, provide clear and specific directions. Keep each call to action simple and present them in sequence. For example, your first call to action may be “Donate Now”. When they click the button, they may then see a new CTA of “Complete the Form” or “Pick Your Donation Amount.” A series of clear and specific directive call to actions will help drive any fundraising initiative.

Powerful Calls to Action Will Keep Your Nonprofit Active

Now you understand that a powerful call to action is simple, direct, visibly clear, while appealing to donors’ emotions and sense of urgency. Using and crafting powerful call to actions will ensure you motivate potential donors to complete those donations and help drive your digital fundraising initiatives. In turn, your nonprofit will be able to stay active in its cause(s). If you’re ready to start crafting those effective CTAs and/or incorporate them into your website, contact Rosewood Fundraising to start motivating that donating.

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